Micra Biotechnologies : Antibiotic Assays

COMPENDIAL METHODOLOGIES FOR BOTH CYLINDER PLATE AND TURBIDIMETRIC ANTIBIOTIC ASSAYS HAVE REMAINED ESSENTIALLY UNCHANGED FOR THE PAST FOUR DECADES. THERE IS GENERAL AGREEMENT THAT THE GAMUT OF CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TESTING FORMATS AT BEST ARE CAPABLE OF LIMITED LEVELS OF PRECISION AND ACCURACY. Over the years, our group has developed and refined existing methodologies with the aim of minimizing commonly encountered sources of variant assay data.  Through the application of innovative techniques, both intra- and inter-assay

variables, such as those related to DRIFT IN strain-phase, seed allocation, cylinder fill, pre-diffusion, plate temperature uniformity, zone measurement, etc. have been either minimized or totally eliminated.  The result:  a unique capability to generate accurate high-precision biopotency data.  In turn, more accurate and reliable product performance data is made available to our clients. This information is conveyed in a timely manner to help our sponsors achieve their product marketing goals.  Through the use of state-of-the-art analytical tools and an integrated quality assurance program, reliable and accurate data has been the hallmark of our laboratory.